About Artist Martha Greenwald
Art and the written word open the doors of perception. Art can challenge and transform our attitudes from cynicism and despair to optimism and gratitude.  My artistic gifts are a vivid sense of color, a love of metaphor, whimsy and playfulness, and a visionary view of my subjects, which range through landscapes, the animal world, and mythical themes. 

My creative work flows in three strong streams.  The first stream is that of the landscape as a vehicle for creative flow.  My vivid landscape colors capture the limitless feelings I experience in the out-of-doors.  Trees, rivers and ribbons have flowed together in recent works in a loving embrace. 

The second stream flows through the media of collage.  I range widely here through works illustrating mythical stories and fables to whimsical abstractions.  I am making an effort to make the surface as alive and varied as possible, so I mix plaster, acrylics, silk fabric, lace, metal, wood, plastic, paper and found objects in combinations expressive of rhythm and flow. 

The third stream is my role as a teacher, workshop leader, and explorer of consciousness.  In the 1990ís I did a series of paintings of grotesque beasts, whimsical and poignant alter egos who were tripping me up and leading me astray.  The beasts typified traits we can all transcend:  criticism, self-pity, grudges, anger, and the desire to be right.  I am reaching out to others who may wish to learn how to Face the Beasts, the title of my book.   I continue to explore themes from my workshops, my life, and social change issues in my blog,
Hickory Bud.

Once an individual has mustered the courage to face their own beasts, the desire to tackle social and environmental ills may emerge.  In addition to working on sustainability issues with a local group in Winona, I have developed a workshop on the Antidotes to Pessimism, exploring how we can find the positive energy to tackle collective issues.

My background is as an interdisciplinary artist, writer and social entrepreneur, working independently on issues related to art, psychology, spirituality, environmental sustainability and social change.  I studied geography, Spanish and art history in Wisconsin and Madrid, Spain, and then went on to begin a career in city planning and public policy.  A spiritual transformation in Bogota, Colombia eventually led me to a career change, and I began to practice art and read extensively, delving deeply into Jungian psychology, personal growth, spirituality, body therapies, emotional intelligence and ecopsychology.  I have studied at the Anderson Ranch Art Center, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and have a masters degree in literature and the arts from Hamline University.  I live in Winona, Minnesota, where I make art, write, hold workshops, and contribute to social change efforts.