Bas relief work by Martha Greenwald
Bee Sisters Hermes the Fox
The painting above was inspired by the following text from Homer's Hymn to Hermes:
"There are certain sacred sisters, 3 virgins lifted on swift wings, they teach their own kind of fortune telling…the sisters fly back and forth from their home, feeding on waxy honeycombs...they like to tell the truth when they have eaten honey and the spirit is on them, but if they've been deprived of that divine sweetness, they buzz about and mumble lies."

22" x 17"  $465
A meditation on the fox and Hermes, the Greek god.  Hermes was the god of trickery, commerce and craftsmanship. 

acrylic, collage and bas relief
24" x 30"   $775  
Tribe of Trees
Bee Dancer
A work evoking the Ents from the Lord of the Rings.
mixed media acrylic and bas relief
20" x 16"   $370      
\The figure of the dancer relates to one found on a 5th century B.C. vase. 
acrylic, bas relief
17" x 21"  $425
During a period of reconstruction in my life, I was moved by a song from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana that reads:  "there stood a maid in a red tunic.  When it was touched, the tunic rustled.  There stood a girl like a rose.  Her face was radiant."

14" x 18"  $310
Affection (above)
15 x 14"  Found objects, asphalt and bas relief  $232
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Evoked in part by an image in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

13" x 20"  $310