Facing the Beasts: 
An Artist's Account of the Soul's Passage from Pain to Joy
by Martha Greenwald
Facing the Beasts is  a work of creative nonfiction that takes the reader through a narrative and visual journey documenting my effort to overcome my fear of depression and identify limiting patterns in my life.  As I hunted for, created, and then accepted my beasts, I released new energy for work, community and relationships. The 16 beasts I created helped me move out of the shadow of pain to a celebration of joy in my creative work.

Chapbook:  Everybody's a Critic
In this chapbook, I explore one of the most pervasive beasts in our daily lives:  the habit of criticism and judgment.  The excesses of criticism afflict many of us.  We may be relentlessly self-critical, cruel and judgmental of others, inordinately sensitive to criticism, or unaware of how our opinions are received by others.  In the course of my own dialogue with criticism, I have tried to answer this question:  Can we evolve from destructive critical beasts, freeing ourselves from the criticism of self and others; to creative thinkers who use critical feedback for growth and awareness?
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Facing the Beasts poster  12.75" x 17.25"

Have you faced your own beasts, or do you want others to face theirs?  This poster illustrates all 15 beasts, some of which might be yours.  Click
here or on the image to see large.
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left, "Grudge"

right, "Magician"