This is a completely personal and arbitrary list of links to things that interest me.  Please contact me if there are links you would like to add to this page
Southeastern Minnesota Arts Resources
Environmental Groups
Sustain Winona
Winona Earth Day

Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network
The Bioneers
Minnesota Project
Land Stewardship Project
Want to save money on gas?  Try carpoolingVisit
How to Save the World
World Changing
Winona Arts Center
Great River Shakespeare Festival

Theatre du Mississippi
Cornucopia Art Center
Commonweal Theater
Minnesota Artists
Artists who paint beasts (with a focus on the grotesque)
Please let me know if you have more artists of this type, living or dead, to suggest for inclusion on this site.
"Fraidy Cat" by Anastasia Ward.  Click on image to view more of her work
Hieronymous Bosch, detail from Temptation of St. Anthony, c 1500.  Click on image to see more work of this type (you will be directed to a site in French)
Spirituality, Awareness, Personal Growth
Integral Naked
Contemplative Outreach
Spiral Dynamics
Matt Dallman, integral artist
ETB Ministry
(links evolutionary psychology, consciousness, and bible scholarship)